Tatami-mats are changing and diversifying to suit our various lifestyles. 

There are many types of tatami-mats. Traditional rush tatami-mats, Japanese modern tatami-mats, high-durability and antibacterial tatami-mats are the examples.

There are unique tatami products, such as Oki tatami-mats can be placed on the flooring, cushions made from tatami-mats, pets friendly tatami-mats and tatami-mats made from natural materials.

We offer tatami-mats in line with what customers want. We carry on the tradition and adopt the new culture. We produce tatami-mats that will satisfy our customers.

Head Office(Chiba)

コースタープレゼント イベント開催中

From April 30 2024 to May 02, 2024

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Saitama Branch

April 27, 2024

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Nagano Brunch

If you would like to do refacing tatami-mats, new tatami-mats, turning over tatami-mats, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The estimates are free !

Many tatami-mats examples are on YouTube and Instagram. If you are interested in tatami-mats, Please visit our SNS.


Our tatami-mats examples and our customers on YouTube.

旬彩屋やま椛 様

千葉県君津市のやま椛様 民泊施設まるで実家に帰ってきたみたい!

畳表 ReFace G-003防水柔らか仕様

鹿野山ビューホテル 様

千葉県君津市の鹿野山ビューホテル様 わんちゃんと泊まれるホテル・室内ドックランで天候関係なし!

畳表 ReFace 琉球畳風縁無畳 (各カラー)

ムラグチ酒店 様


畳表 大建工業 和紙表 銀白若草色



畳表 イ草